by Alan Chen on 2016-07-05 12:27:18 PDT

Price: $10 USD

Disclaimer: I got this game free in a giveaway.

This game is about being transported to another world through a satellite where you are taking control of Bishop 6, a powerful soldier who is part of the CONSORTIUM. At the beginning of the game, you start your first day in a futuristic warplane. Someone is murdered on the the warplane and you try to solve the mystery. The game has some story but is hampered by its linearity. You can slightly change the story with your actions and conversations, but the plot still will remain the same. Most of the time you will be walking or running around the ship holding conversations with the crew and it will only be interesting the first few times.

A gripe I have with this game is that there is a combat system, but very few combat scenes. You can equip modules and enhancements that make you stronger and faster, as well as jump higher. The majority of the combat is in virtual reality trainer missions, which are boring, repetitive and don't further the plot. The only time you do first-person combat with an enemy that shoots back is when you seriously mess up. When I finished the story it felt empty and unresolved. The character development is hard to find in the story if you don't explore the ship and talk to all of the crew. Some of the story missions don't give you much time to react and will result in a fail if you are just a little too slow.

If you want to play a story based game, then go ahead and pick up this game if it is on sale, but at 10$ it feels like it was only created to gather interest for a sequel. The developers of this game are working on a sequel that continues the story, so keep an eye out for that game if you want a more complete experience.

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