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by Stella Huang on 2016-06-20 19:30:42 PDT
There a millions of movies in the world, but one in particular is very interesting to me. Released on October 5th of 2012, the movie of two battling a Capella groups, is the popular movie of Pitch Perfect. Starring Anna Kendrick who plays the role of Beca Mitchell, the story explains a girl moving to university and joining an a Capella group, called the Barden Bellas. Their rivals, the Treblemakers, are having more progress than they are. Determined to beat them, The Bellas, including Beca, work hard to beat them at the finals.wd7Cch30877 What I really like about the movie is that it is music-related. It has a lot of music making incorporated in the film, and singing with choreography. It also shows how a group of unprepared people can work together and develop through a period of time. They can rise up and change the world or in this case, the university. This is what I think is the concept of a team. They canít just rely on one person, or two to do the whole groupís job. They have to all pitch in (no pun intended) and help.

Also, it shows how a girl, starting off shy and secluded can open up and show her true potential to others and have her personality really show. Beca was actually a really open-minded girl, but her group and father forced her to keep it inside.
Personally, I like how the team bonds throughout the movie. Theyíre always on the brink of losing, but they catch themselves and keep on going. They have a lot of hard times, but they pull through.
Somethings that I dislike are that they show only main characters, I mean youíre supposed to, but there is literally nothing talking about the others. Just revolving around 3-4 people isnít too good. They do have a sequel, rivaling for the worldís. That one is good as well. But itís my own opinion.

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