My Elementary School Experience With Music

by Samantha Lu on 2016-11-12 22:03:02 PDT

Strangely, I donít have a band or musician that I consider my favorite. Sure, I like a few bands, but none of them stand out to me to the point where I can call it my one and only. However, Iíve had my fair share of instrument playing. Specifically, I used to play the flute in 4th and 5th grade.
I wasnít dedicated though. I remember that one time before band started, a couple other flute players and I had decided to reenact Star Wars using our flutes as light sabers. Needless to say, it didnít end up well. After one particularly hard swing, the head of my flute flew and hit the leg of a chair. After that, I just quietly reattached it to my flute and sat down to get ready for band. Even now, my old and slightly rusted flute has a noticeable dent from the blow.
Not only was I undedicated, I wasnít very good about practicing and learning how to play. Aside from learning where the notes were and how to play ďHot Cross BunsĒ, I was completely clueless on how to play the flute. Half the time during practice, I could barely keep up with my peers. Even then, at home, I didnít bother practicing. I knew that once 10 minutes passed, I would lose interest and anything I learned. By the time the end-of-the-year concert was near, I was completely hopeless. So I did what I knew how to do: I faked playing the flute during the concert.
Sitting in front of a sea of adults, all looking, can really affect you. On the mark, everyone raised their instruments. I did too, praying that my parents wouldnít tell that I was faking it all. And then the actual playing started. I desperately pressed various keys on the flute, but never blew. If I did blow, it wouldíve sounded like I was trying to beatbox or make everyone in the room go deaf. I donít remember much else, but I do remember my parents coming up to me smiling with a flower bouquet. Needless to say, they believed my faking. Every second of it.
After I quit flute, I now feel an immense respect for anyone who chooses to play an instrument. Itís hard to memorize each and every single note on an instrument, and even harder to make something sound good out of it. I wouldnít be surprised if modern instruments were invented by sado-masochists who wanted to see the world burn, and if composers sold their soul to the devil in order to make such beautiful masterpieces.

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