by Stella Huang on 2016-07-08 19:47:33 PDT
Sports have been around since 1891, and is still around today. I play one, called soccer (football in other countries.) Soccer is a sport where two teams play against each other, trying to score in a rectangular goal. There are eleven players on each team, and you cannot touch the ball with your arms or hands (unless you are the goalkeeper.) I have been playing since the age of six, and I think I can tell you quite a bit.
The field is one of the main components. There is a rectangular field (size depends on age group), that is split into half by a line. Each half has two rectangular boxes at the end, and there is a circle in the middle. The two rectangular boxes are 6 yards and 18 yards respectively, known as the Goal Line and the Penalty Line. The circle is where the game starts, called a kickoff. There are three main positions (besides goalkeeper): Forwards, Midfielders, and Defenders. Forwards are the attackers, usually the best at ball skills. They are how the team usually scores, if not by midfielders. Midfielders run up and down the field, and help both on defense and on offense. Defenders are the second to last line before the goal. They usually consist of the hardest kickers.
download (1)The gameplay is a little complicated, but basically the ball is set in the center. The team that will kickoff will have been determined by an earlier coin toss. They kick off, and then the game just rolls from there. If the ball goes out on a sideline, it gets thrown in from the opposite team that kicked it out. If the ball goes out the goal line, then the ball is either a corner kick(if own team kicked past) or a goal kick(if other team kicked past.)
Personally I think itís a really fun team sport. You get to bond, practice your eye-foot coordination, learn teamwork, and more. You also get fit while having fun, thatís good right? Also, you learn that you canít just do everything by yourself. Everyone has a part. I would suggest trying to play, but if you just donít like it, itís fine.

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