by Stella Huang on 2016-07-08 19:48:19 PDT
In the vast website of Youtube, there are millions of people who vlog, make beauty videos, comedies, and others. tumblr_nrsmetn3De1ubbynjo2_400Two of these people went on tour in the United States recently, hosting a show called The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire. Guessed the two people yet? Thatís right, itís Dan and Phil.
Daniel James Howell and Philip Michael Lester are 25 and 29 respectively, living together in a flat in London, England. Danís birthday is on June 11th, 1991, while Philís is on January 30th, 1987. With channels danisnotonfire and Amazingphil, they also hold three joint channels: superamazingproject, DanandPhilGames, and DanandPhilCrafts. They vlog about their lives, talking about what has happened recently, or an interesting story about themselves.
downloadDan is known for his existential crises, where he just lays on the ground for many hours in a day, pondering about life. He is also known for being a meme, or popular funny joke. He is also usually portrayed wearing black, always negative and very sarcastic. Dan has a popular tradition of Internet Support Group, where he says that his followers are a collective group, a community, and he would rather help their problems than tend to his own. Also his Reasons Why Danís a Fail, which is about him accides0CzoHfuntally (or not) doing something horrible that usually something not good to remember.
On the contrary, Phil is a happy and has a sunny personality. Heís known for his kind ways and how heís also nice to everyone he meets. Phil has his Reasons why I was a weird kid, him talking about his weird childhood moments that maxresdefaultare probably changed by now. Phil has two annual traditions on his channel, collaborating with his flatmaxresdefault (1)mate. one where he scrolls through the depths of Tumblr. The other is knowns as PINOF, or Phil is Not on Fire, which is a way of Q&A's, but in a more creative way.
These two have made amazing accomplishments. They have made their own shop, a book, a game, and a stage show. They had published a book, named The Amazing Book is not on Fire, and their game, the 7 Second Challenge. Their stage show has sold out with 150,000 tickets, making them the biggest tour made by youtubers.
I really like them because they always make me smile even when I feel sad or unhappy. They really donít care about other peopdownload (1)leís bad opinions on them, they just do whatever makes them happy, and thatís what makes their fandom(phandom) happy too. I saw them live on the 23rd, which was amazing. They brought what was in their videos, in their games, in their books, all to a stage show (no spoilers!) The whole crowd was cheering so loud the whole time, it was hard to hear, but it was great nevertheless. They are amazing people and I suggest you watch them, as they are comical and great human beings.

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