The Dangers of Expired Makeup: Why My Eyelids Are Droopier Than A Wet Noodle

by Samantha Lu on 2016-08-18 20:49:49 PDT

I like makeup as much as the next person. Itís fun to mess around with, especially with all the shades of eyeshadows available on the market (who would say no to neon green eyeshadow?). However, itís nature's instinct to want to decay and rot anything. This, of course, applies to makeup too. While you canít see it, but after a few months, most makeups products begin to grow harmful bacteria. Expired makeup can also irritate the skin, especially more sensitive areas like the eyelids and lips. I learned this the hard way.
Just last night, I was experimenting with makeup in my bathroom, trying to do my own makeup entirely with my eyes closed. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes you just have to entertain yourself one way or another. Now, without even realizing it, I accidentally grabbed one of the makeup products my sister had left at home when she†left for college. My sisters left for college nearly 4 years ago. Yeah, not the greatest decision to use her†used makeup. As for the product, I donít remember what it was, but it was some kind of all-purpose glitter. Like an idiot, I smeared it all over my eyelids without thinking about any consequences. After all, whatís the worst that could happen, I thought, while wiping all the makeup off about 5 minutes later.
And then, I woke up with the droopiest eyelids Iíve ever experienced in my life. Normally, my eyes are noticeably double-lidded, but suddenly†theyíre both mono-lidded and as puffy as a marshmallow. Not only that, but one of my eyes had a mild rash surrounding it. Even as Iím typing this, one of my eyelids looks like a semi-inflated balloon. Itís not fun. Whatís the remedy, you ask? Well, Iíve tried applying an ice pack, using hydrocortisone cream, and warm wet cloths. None of which worked.
The lesson to this ordeal, of course, is to avoid using bad makeup with to throw it away once the time has come. Most eye products only last around 3-6 months, while lipsticks might last up to a year at most. Blush can last several years since itís just pressed pigmentation, and perfume can last even longer. And, of course, donít ignore your gut for the sake of messing around with makeup and to look like an abomination. Unless you like bloated eyelids. Then have fun with that.

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