Presidential Election

by Stella Huang on 2016-06-15 20:15:20 PDT
It's 2016, and November is coming up. That means one thing: the presidential election is going to happen. This year's candidates are very different. The most popular out of the many that ran for president are: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the infamous Donald Trump.

About Trump. Why do people support him? He plans on making a wall that borders Mexico. Why? That will only make the money that tourists pay will go down, seeing that Mexico won't dare to cross the border. Also, that will be mimicking one of the seven wonders of the world--the Great Wall of China. He also plans on deporting all the non-native people, such as 11 million Muslims and other minorities. But the thing is, that will rid the people that brought such ideas to the United States in the first place.

Without all the immigrants, we would not have had the Transcontinental Railroad. America would not have prospered with the new and strong ideas and hopes of having a better life. The image of America would shatter, and no one would move here to live anymore because the picture of having a better life here would be wiped away.

Trump does have many supporters, but they were only convinced by the fact that he sounded so real, rallying them up so that they think something is wrong, that they should cast out the immigrants, that they should go to war, and so on. He might have sold 15 books, but that means nothing compared to the person himself. He wants to make so many reforms, such as the healthcare reform, the U.S. - China reform, the tax reform, and the immigration reform. They are supposed to help and change the society, but there will probably be more damage than healing. Maybe they do help, but it is only the top 1% that is getting it. The rest of the people will suffer greatly from the deal that Trump is making.

'Make America great again!' Trump says. But is he really? I feel like if he does anything, the only thing that will happen will be worse, and America's reputation will plummet down the drain. As he builds the wall, the reputation of America to the Mexicans will downfall. Are we going to ban amnesty because we thought it was bad that other people thought that they could have a better life here in America? Are we going to let Trump be president and do all of these things? Shouldn't we stand up against him?

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