Trip to Shoreline Park

by Emily Wang on 2016-02-20 11:55:32 PDT
One sunny Saturday morning, my family decided to go biking at Shoreline. We loaded up the bikes, the helmets, and the sunscreen and started driving. As I looked out the car window, the scenery slowly changed from a busy little town to a more rural landscape. The orderly rows of streets and houses melted away to golden red stalks of grass bent from the wind blowing in the wetlands. I was so absorbed in admiring the landscape that I didn’t realize we were almost at Shoreline until my mom told me to get ready and put on sunscreen. I stepped out of the car and into the glaring sunlight and was blinded by the sun reflecting off all of the cars. But once helmets were on and bikes were out, it was time to go and have fun. With the wind in my face and the hot sun in my eyes, we started the biking journey.

The trail that we biked on was dirt and gravel, and our bike tires made crunching sounds whenever they hit a twig or pebble on the rough ground. In addition to the crunching, I also heard lots of bird calls from a flock of Canadian Geese. We continued biking and had lots of fun until we biked right into a huge flock of Canadian Geese. I thought the bird calls from that first flock of Canadian Geese were loud, but it was nothing compared to all the honking and squawking before us. Canadian geese were nesting, flying, and lying around everywhere, on the surrounding hills, on the sides of the trail, and some geese even on the trail itself! And with birds, you get bird poop. There was nasty green bird poop covering every last bit of space not already covered by the innumerable Canadian Geese, and we had to either bike over bird poop or bike over geese, turning our bike wheels half green. Bird poop covered most of the trail, and the grass on the sides of the trail also had piles of droppings. A huge gust of wind blew up and wafted the putrid smell right into our noses. We biked as fast as we could and were very much relieved to part with the Canadian Geese.

Next, our trail leshoreline parkd us right beside the bay. The sunlight glinted off the calm waters, and the sun seemed to smile at us. I breathed in the warm salty air and the wind rushed past me, ruffling my hair. Above the bay, the pure blue sky seemed to stretch on forever, with no cloud in sight. I laughed to see such rustic beauty. But alas, there was a curve in the trail and we had to leave the beautiful bay behind.

Now that we had biked for more than an hour, the sun was no longer smiling at us. It was more like the sun was glaring down at us, and trying to roast us alive. There were no trees to provide shade, and a bike helmet does little for cooling. We were all tired and trying to keep on pedaling, and the sweltering and scorching heat did not help. Ahead of us was the largest and steepest hill I had ever seen, and we all sighed with weariness. It took forever to bike up that hill, and the sun was laughing at us the whole time, trying to deter us with its heat. I tried to pedal as hard I could, but it seemed that the bike was only getting slower and slower. Finally, we made it over that hill and turned into the cozy parking lot.

As we put the bikes back into the car rack and started to drive home, I looked at my family and upon each of their faces, was a big sweet smile. I stuck my head out of the car window and once again felt the refreshing breeze on my face, and waved to the wetlands of Shoreline, getting further and further away, shrinking before my eyes. On the car ride home, everyone was exhausted, but we all agreed to come back to Shoreline again for another wondrous and relaxing experience.

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